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There are 11 different overlay packs.

*Three sky/cloud overlay packages that contain 135 various cloud overlays. A "How To" Video is included.

*One Smoke/Fire overlay package with 290 various smoke/fire overlays to provide a unique look to your photos as the examples show. A "How to" Video is included.

*One Texture overlay package with 130 various texture overlays to provide a very unique look to your photos. A "How to" Video is included.

*One Leaf overlay package with 70 various fall leafs and 5 leaf collages to inspire your fall photos with colorful fall leafs. A "How to" Video is included.

*One light leak package with 20 various light leaks.

*One canvas texture package with 20 various canvas textures to offer depth and texture to your photos.

*One Newborn and Children's Word Overlay package with 45 overlays in both PNG and PSD format. A font list is included. Great for newborn, baby and children photographers!

*One Engagement and Wedding Word Overlay package with 30 overlays in both PNG and PSD format. A font list is included. Great for engagement and wedding photographers!

The Company

FoxyG Design
Watkinsville, Georgia
United States

The Fine Print

  • Due to the nature of this product being a digital product, no refunds will be granted.
  • Very large files will be available as multiple immediate downloads. Please be patient as these will take time to download onto your computer.
  • Highlights

  • Over 700 Overlays (Cloud Overlays, Smoke Overlays, Texture Overlays, Leaf Overlays, Light Leak Overlays, Canvas Overlays, and Word Overlays) to add to your photos in a variety of ways. It has taken a long time to develop all of these various tools for you to use.
  • The sample photos should give you a great idea of how they are used.
  • Videos are included in many of the different overlay packs to assist you step by step.